Monthly Blogging Income Tracker {Digital Google Sheet Workbook}

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Tired and frustrated of not having a system to track your blogging income and expenses? 

We did too until we created our monthly blogging income tracker. 

It is a simple and easy to use Google Sheet designed to make tracking your monthly income and expenses as efficient as possible. 

And don't worry we have instructions on how to use the entire tracker so you can jump right in. 

Starting from the first day you decide to start a blogging business it's important to track ALL of your monthly income and expenses for tax purposes. 

What's included:

  • Yearly Income Dashboard - An incredible overview that shows everything from monthly income, monthly expenses, yearly revenue, yearly profit, estimated taxes, and more
  • Yearly Expense Dashboard - A great place to keep an eye on all your monthly and yearly expenses. Perfect for keeping costs low and increasing your overall profit. 
  • 12 Sheets to Track Each Months Income and Expenses - A tab for each month to track income and expenses. These numbers will auto-populate to both the yearly income dashboard and yearly expense dashboard. 
  • Big Business Strategy Dashboard - Bloggers, in general, are not strategic enough. This dashboard alone is worth the cost of our tracker. Start tracking important metric like estimated hourly rate, earning per page view, earning per email subscriber, average monthly revenue, and much more! 

As a blogger, your time is very important! Stop wasting time with a tracking system that is broken and does not work. 

Grab your monthly blogging income tracker today! 

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

Customer Reviews

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I just started using this tracker today and even filling in information for my ad revenue, I feel so much more organized and motivated to keep track of my finances! It is also motivating me to charge (which can be hard in the beginning) because I am seeing it all added up! Thanks so much for making this great resource.

Saved Me Hours of DIY

This worksheet is perfect for me as a new blogger to start recording all my finances without having to spend hours thinking of what categories I need and designing it all out with excel myself. I have done that before, but you don't know what your missing if you don't know what you need to include. And it takes forever! This has been perfect to fill that gap for me that I was really needing to fill now that I am taking my blog seriously and making a plan of attack. I can now easily keep track of everything financially as some basic stats and use those hours towards my content creation instead . Thank you for this tool guys!

Many Thanks!

I have needed a tracker like this one. Everything in one place, easy to edit. Iʻm so excited to start using it! Mahalo!

Finally found the income/expense tracker I've been looking for!

I love this tracker! I've been looking for an income/expense tracker for my blog for months and nothing was sticking. I started using this one and it works like a dream. I love how it calculates how much you earn per hour of work and per page view. I also love how it calculates everything for me in the sheet - saves me so much time! I'm very happy with this tracker and I've been recommending it to all my blogging friends. Thanks! :)

This income tracker will simplify my blog finance tracking. Let it simplify yours as well!

Keeping track of finances in my blog is necessary, but not always where I want to spend my time. This tracker makes it easy to enter information and stay up to date! Don't miss the Big Business Strategy Dashboard! It will clearly show what efforts are profitable and what efforts are not worth your time!
I like that they include easy to follow instructions, so I don't waste time trying to figure it out!
Get this tracker so you can move on to the parts of your blog business that you love to focus on!

LOVE this product!

I've been trying for years to find the perfect system to track my blog income and expenses, and finally found it with this product.


Great product and fits my padfolio

Just what I needed!

This is awesome! This is exactly what every blogger needs to stay on track with their finances throughout the year, and is easily customizable depending on the type of income coming in. They make it super easy to use even for people who would never be able to create one of these themselves. I also love that a "strategy" tab is included to keep track of things like hours worked and page views! Thanks Kelan and Brittany!

Simple to Use!

I am frequently intimidated by the money side of blogging. The writing, the social media, that stuff is easy compared to the business side. But this tracker has helped so much to simplify it all and keep it in ONE place!!
It's FABULOUS!! I highly recommend, especially for someone like me who's new to the business aspect of blogging.

Great Tool

What a helpful and useful tool!