Financial Freedom Bundle {3 Printable Binders + 3 eBooks}

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Are you sick and tired of always stressing about money feeling stuck living paycheck-to-paycheck? 

Do you feel like there is never enough money to go around to pay your monthly bills? 

Do you hate feeling like a failure when it comes to paying off your debt?

Do you spend way too much on groceries and eating out every month?

You’re beyond frustrated trying to get on the same page with your spouse with your finances?

Trust me we understand! We were in the same boat living paycheck-to-paycheck, buried in debt, and not happy where we were headed in life. 

It was beyond frustrating! No one wants to live like that, including us! 

A few years ago we had over $40,000 in student loan debt. We finally sat down, made a plan, and started taking action. 

By being purposeful and putting our plan on paper we were able to:

  • Pay off the remaining $25,000 in student loan debt in less than 5 months
  • Save over $30,000
  • Both quit our jobs and work from home
  • Grow our net worth to almost $200,000
  • Make our dream life become a reality

After successfully taking complete control over our time and money, God has called us to help other families do exactly the same thing!

So we created the Financial Freedom Bundle to guide YOU in creating more time and money in your life!

1) Learn how to start and stick to a monthly budget
2) Create a plan to attack your debt
3) Start meal planning to save time and money every month

    Purchase our Financial Freedom Bundle now and go from barely surviving to thriving! 

    By purchasing our bundle you will be able to...

    • Start a budget you can actually stick to
    • Destroy your debt once and for all
    • Save hundreds on your monthly grocery and food spending
    • Have confidence in all your financial decisions

    Unfortunately, if you don’t purchase our Financial Freedom Bundle you will…

    • Continue to be stuck in life living paycheck-to-paycheck
    • Never get out from under your debt
    • Continue to waste your hard-earned money
    • Never live a of freedom where you are in control 

    What is included in our bundle?

    Top Selling Printable Binders

    1) The Budgeting Binder {2,000 copies sold} - Our BEST selling 20+ page printable and digital budgeting binder comes with everything you need to start a budget that actually works, track your spending, prepare for emergencies, pay off your debt, help you live a less stressful life, and give you the freedom to spend money on the things that bring you the most happiness. 

    2) The Debt Payoff Planner {1,000+ copies sold} - This 20+ page printable and digital debt payoff planner comes with everything you need to get yourself motivated, create a strategy to crush your debt, understand your spending habits, save money, and change your life forever!

    3) The Monthly Meal Planner {500+ copies sold} - This 20+ page printable and digital monthly meal planner comes with everything you need to save hours each week grocery shopping, create a meal plan that works for your family, inventory what you already have, reduce food waste, save money, and cook meals your family loves. 


    Exclusive Financially Savvy eBooks

    1) How to Budget: The Simple Guide Anyone Can Follow 

    2) How to Pay Off Debt: 10 Strategies We Used to Pay Off $25,000 in Five Months

    3) How to Save on Groceries: 30 Ways for 30 Days of Savings

    Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

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    Organized planner {Review from Monthly Meal Planner}

    The color scheme is pretty and the pages help me stay organized. Thanks!

    The Right to Write it Right {Review from Monthly Meal Planner}

    I’m stupid busy with my boys, and a job all the time, which can make me….well, just kinda stupid sometimes! The crockpot can only soothe my savage beasts so many nights a week. If I’m seeing double by Wednesday, God only knows how I just left the supermarket with a few bags and a receipt I can wrap around the car three times telling me that I used most of my rent money. I’ve now tried this binder for a while and I’m in love. I’m a foodie, which helps, but still, this binder of brilliance is helping me make a game plan that is resulting in organized food fest that is going to help me stop saying, “Why, dear Lord, do I have 7 jars of dill pickles, yet no frozen or canned beans or corn? Hominy? What the heck is that and how did it sneak into the pantry? I wonder if the dog will eat it??
    If you are a time-strapped, organized-impared, surviving on your last burst of steam that you hope isn’t last night’s can of bean and franks, GET. THIS. BINDER. Put down the jar of pickled bologna and order this. Your future well time managed self will thank you. Really, really.

    Amazing Meal Planner!! {Review from Monthly Meal Planner}

    This will help me plan my family’s meals quick and easy. Thanks for making such a useful product!

    Monthly meal planner {Review from Monthly Meal Planner}

    Great tool! Easy to use. Helps keep me organized and on track. Prevents impulse buys and settling for takeout.

    Amazing Purchase! {Review from Monthly Meal Planner}

    This really helped me kickstart 2020. It keeps me organized and I’m super happy with it!