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Love it

I am loving the bundle that I purchased. I thought I had the Christmas bundle in there as well but it did not show up with my purchase. Would have loved to get the Christmas bundle as well. But overall the chaos to control bundle is Awesome. Thanks

I think the christmas planner and the control the chaos bundle will be helpful.

Chaos Bundle

I was originally searching for a monthly financial budget template when I came across this whole bundle. From the start, when I saw the bundle I kept saying to myself, "spending this amount of money on paperwork" isn't going to help me get my monthly expenses under control. Eventually, I was offered a coupon and I was sold. My husband and I sat down early this year and started our monthly expense planning but I've found myself using the monthly, daily meal planner more. I hate cooking, I'm a full time teacher with 3 active children (lots of extra curricular activities) and I have financial goals. While working on the monthly budget, I realized groceries and other food expenses were keeping us from saving as much as we could have been. (How many times have I purchased for meals to cook and because I'm lazy from teaching PE all day and running to extra c. with the kids, I don't cook? A LOT)We've waisted so much money on groceries that never get eaten. So, in the long run, using this meal template and setting up a monthly calendar of meals has been helpful with saving money. It helps that my husband loves to cook. So, I'll happily run my kids from here to there while he cooks. It takes some time to organize a month worth of ideas. But once you've done it, it's so nice. I used a similar method to what they recommended, by having a theme each night of the week. Last week I was able to purchase two weeks worth of groceries and I have about 8 meals left before purchasing for the last week in Jan.

I believe this bundle will help me out a lot with my hectic schedules..

Helping me meet my goals

I'm tired of living in chaos! This is helping me so much already! I can't wait to see where I am a month from now!

Great budget page

Easy to use love it easy to use .

Chaos purchase

It's very detailed. However, I'm over 65 and don't have need for children input. I would like to see a selection for people who are my age and retired and trying to manage finances even at our age

Busy mom who needs structure

I love love love this bundle! I haven’t had a lot of time to dive into it, I am mom of a 2 1/2 year old and one year old twins. So, my life is hectic but I’m excited to finally get my life in order.

Very detailed!

If you have a hard time staying organized and need guidelines to improve many aspect of your life this bundle is what to get! If you are easily overwhelmed with an overload of information like I am, start small. I’ve started with 1 binder and have slowly added more. It’s helpful to look through and see what system in each binder meets your needs. There are so many formats they provide you with to budget and clean and everything and you are able to see which one works best for you at that time. I love the options provided in each binder. It’s not a one size fits all, it gives you the option to find what works best for you while having helpful information and guidelines to help you meet your goal. I printed all of them out and put them in a binder because I work best with hard copies. Having 12 month dividers in the printed hard copies makes it much better for me to build a routine. It’s been worth the purchase!


I am so excited to start off the New Year with everything organized! It is going to be GREAT!!!

Free download

Looking forward to using this, possibly at my day job. I like the extra organization along the right column!!

Great Tools

I look forward to an incredible 2022 equipped with tools to succeed!

Loving the printable planner

I love the planning pages. I am still a paper person and really like to “see” my progress!


I love that I can finally have everything all together and organized!! Starting the new year off with everything and I can’t wait to get started!

Chaos to Control - Finally! Something that is practical

I downloaded the package.

Was able to start right away - printing some and filling in others.

I am in the process of having complete control over my finances, my home, my menu, cleaning schedule, etc.

It's just so great to go to one place for everything.

Things, that are so simple, meal planner, are lifesavers --- not having to come up with "what are we having for dinner" as it's already been planned.


Very good! There’s a lot of great help and information in there.. I haven’t gotten through everything yet but looking forward to it! Only haven’t found the e-books..

Brain Dump

I really liked it alot, it has helped me alot with wanting to start my own future business and it's just amazing .... Thank you.

Very helpful!

I needed a simple to do list for my work day and this works perfectly! I can put my meetings in the hourly tasks and everything else under the general to-do

These are so helpful

I had just got them but they are already so helpful and so motivating! I’m excited to get them all printed out and really start focusing on my goals!!! Thank you!

Awesome tracker for newbies like me!

As a newbie I tracking income not exactly my first priority. This spreadsheet does give it perspective and helps me set my goals. This is a great resource even for experienced bloggers too! Thanks!

Bundle's that help with the Jungle!!

I absolutely love this bundle. I dont feel so stressed trying to manage everything now. I'm able to get so much more done now!! Thank you

Wonderful for military and moving families

I can't say how much I LOVE this system! When you're always moving and always in need of finding things ASAP (because you never know what will come up), this system is quick and convenient!

Love this bundle the products are super easy to Navigate and understand

Amazing time saver

I love this bundle and product was super easy to Navigate and understand... highly recommend

I bought the bundle

So far, I love it. I have all my binders set up and can't wait to start implementing them. Going to be starting the cleaning binder tomorrow actually. I am so excited to have a routine so I don't have to keep stressing about running around to pick up before company comes over.