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I love these

I love these can’t wait to read thro all of them

Organizing my life!

I've tried apps to establish budgets and routines but written plans work so much better for me. This bundle has EVERYTHING thought out. The budget, cleaning, productivity and debt pay off binders are amazing. I see my plans all in one place and feel so in control of my life. Meal planning is becoming a breeze with the monthly planner. I love everything about this bundle!!

Life saving

It has been a life saving thing for me and my chaotic life. Love the food planning and the cleaning calendar makes it soo much better to be able to stay on top of the cleaning that otherwise gets pushed off.

Getting started

I just purchased this bundle a few days ago and have perused through all of the different programs. So far they look like fantastic organization tools and I LOVE to be organized. A system that already exists to help me get there is so up my alley and I can’t wait to use them all!

Great way to save

Great way to save money. I feel like this is more motivational then just saving money on your own.

Love it!

I absolutely love the chaos bundle. The only thing I’d change is the married section for those who aren’t married. It’s really helped me get organized

Love it, but...

I love everything about this!
But I wish we didn't have to print it, ink is so expensive.

When my husband gets home though we are going to start on this & I see it helping so much.


I originally bought the package for myself but once I saw everything I got in the package, I decide to get some fancy binders with pockets and use sheet protectors. I made a really nice set of decorative binders and gave them to my daughter and soon to be son-in-law. I wish someone had done that for me when I got married. Thanks for doing an awesome job and keep on doing great work!

Ready to get started

I printed it all out, but haven't started yet. I am excited and ready to be happy! I will keep you posted.

I haven’t used this yet. I am getting ready to move and basically starting over. I am so excited to use this to help me start over easier and with guidance.


even though I haven't used it yet. This will be great for when I move out

Love it

I absolutely love it! I just wish it came in printed form. Trying to get it printed was a hassel for me and extremely expensive but otherwise I love it! I can't wait to get started.

Marriage Overhaul

After 32 years of marriage, we had hit a rock in the road. Ahhh ... well maybe we missed a stop sign. Actually, we hit a brick wall. It was time to get an assessment on the damage to our marriage.

The advertisement for this organizational system showed up at just the right time. Within minutes of ordering the "Chaos to Control" bundle, we were tearing it apart piece by piece. We began to realign our responsibilities as our priorities had shifted.

Once we wrote the new organization manual to our marriage, we took it for a test drive. Everything is running much smoother now.

We navigated our way through this system. The individual planners are good. However, the entire manual is GREAT! We took time to organize every component in our marriage and promised to do a tune up every year. Thank you so much to the Savvy Couple for this much needed repair.

Life Saving & Happier Living!!

Recently new customer & simply put, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!
I cannot express in enough words my gratitude & pride in this product!
The product itself is fantastic, but the support is such a wonderful addition that makes all of this, INCREDIBLE!
The detail & usefulness of this product is spot on, you will NOT be disappointed!
I have gone through POUNDS of paper printing template binders & task sheets & all sorts of "binders" for YEARS, there is NOTHING that compares to what they have to offer. When you are really ready for a true lifestyle change, there is no better option than Couple Savvy!


Totally worth the money. Great way to organize my life. Wish they sold a printed hard copy. But great nonetheless


Love all of it


So many options and ways to use the planner. I work away from home 3-4 days a week so my hopes for this are to keep my husband and I better organized and on the same page while I am away.


So many useful pages and options for this planner.

Template to Get Productive

Time Management is so rough with a 2 year old! My husband & I work separate shifts. I work during the day & he works at night. There have many fights over expectations of cleaning & cooking not being met! I needed something to change to save our marriage. I asked God to give me guidance on this matter & shortly after found your ad. I loved the colors & all the different options to personalize & really make it our own. I'm so excited to utilize this & get productive! I have to cleaned like this in 5 years! So excited to get organized & get control of my life again. I know it'll help my stress & anxiety & also with our marriage! Thank you for this awesome product!


I love the bundle overall and that if I only want certain pages I can print those pages and that I can put them in any order that is convenient for me and my life. I'm a single mom of three and my kids love the Christmas binder.

So Many Useful Printables

I got this in a flash sale through Facebook. I have not been through all the papers yet, but I am getting there. They are so useful and thought provoking. I appreciate the work that this couple has put into the bundle. I have started implementing the cleaning pages and plan to work through some other sections this weekend.

Great product, very helpful

I'm still exploring all of the things in the bundle but it's all well organized and the instructions are super clear!


We are a couple from small beginnings, believing God will make a BIG impact in our lives. We’re hoping to be married in the next few years and wanted to figure out where we stand financially, and align for our future. We just finished Challenge 2, and LEMME TELL YA… It’s a doozie. We laughed and cried (mostly glared and hugged), and promised ourselves and each other that we’d do better. This was a HUGE eye opener and a monumental moment of redirection. Im so thankful we found this budget when we did.


I am going to put this to great use ! I think that every chapter will help us.
Thank you !