In-Depth Blog Audit & Strategy Assessment

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We started our blog in July 2016 and within 9 months Kelan quit his job and became a full-time blogger.

Since starting our blog we have grown it to reach over 250,000 people each month, generate over $10,000 in revenue some months and have huge impacts on our readers lives.

We have a huge passion for helping others chase their dreams in becoming full-time bloggers and impacting the world.

With our education, experience, and countless hours of blogging we want to point you in the right direction with your blog.

What you will receive:

Site Audit: We will evaluate your entire website from your home page, sidebar, individual posts, category pages, speed, user experience, and more. 

Strategy Assessment: We will provide you with an in-depth assessment and strategy moving forward with your blog to maximize user experience, traffic, and income.

Once you purchase this coaching package you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out. Then your website audit will be completed and sent back as a screen share video. 

Customer Reviews

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Amazing info that you'd pay a TON to learn on your own!

I was absolutely FLOORED by how in-depth the site audit was, down to the smallest of details and packed with incredibly helpful feedback! The number of things that I had never seen yet in blogging courses/self-study that they showed me how to change to improve was one of those "wow, duh" moments that is making a HUGE different on my site. It's more professional, more streamlined, and the actionable items they give you to work on is SO helpful in knowing where to go next!

As a fairly new blogger I obviously have a ways to go, but I am totally convinced that this is worth every penny and then some - it honestly felt more valuable than a number of the courses I have signed up for! If someone asked me what the MOST invaluable part of this service was, it would be the encouragement from them. No matter how new you are, "bad at blogging" you worry you might be, or unsure if you're cut out for this gig, they absolutely make me feel like I AM capable of reaching the level of income that I am dreaming of, and, more importantly, I honestly feel like THEY care if my blog succeeds or fails. You can tell they offer these audits because they genuinely want everyone to have a fair chance to succeed at their potential dream job.

There aren't enough "thank yous" in the world to explain what a difference this audit & assessment has made in my blogging strategy and my own perception of the achievability of my goals!!!